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Sober living in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Welcome To Safe House

Welcome to Safe House

Welcome to Safe House SFL, your haven of sober living. Firstly, we stand by your side, nurturing your journey towards lasting sobriety, and offer a comforting retreat that is both clean and affordable. Moreover, we understand the importance of an appropriate environment to achieve sobriety. Here, residents and staff alike stand united in their commitment to sobriety, forming a compassionate community dedicated to fostering wellness and joy. Furthermore, we invite you with open arms to become a cherished part of our family—a family that uplifts, supports, and guides you towards a life brimming with health and happiness.

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Why join us

Elevate your sober living journey with us! Experience comprehensive care in one convenient package. Your weekly payment covers it all:

  • Embrace on-site recovery meetings.

  • Discover on-site sponsorship if you need it.

  • Catch a ride to meetings with other residents.

  • Experience the strength of mandatory meeting attendance.

  • Find solace in spacious bedrooms.

  • Embrace the coziness of a single-family home.

  • Bask in the tranquility of a peaceful neighborhood.

  • Stay connected with high-speed Internet.

  • Indulge in entertainment with YouTube TV, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime.

  • Immerse yourself in shows and movies on large-screen smart TVs in every house.

  • Simplify laundry with on-site washer and dryer facilities.

  • Relish the comfort of 10-inch memory foam beds.

  • Drift into restful sleep with provided linens and pillows.

  • Explore nearby stores within walking distance.

  • Utilize the convenience of the Broward Transit System’s proximity.

  • Organize with ease using ample kitchen storage space.

  • Join a built-in network of recovery for added support.

  • Revel in an environment that’s pristine, secure, and budget-friendly.

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“This establishment offers a safe haven for brothers that are in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction. Joseph and Richard are excellent managing partners that lead by the lifestyle they promote, and live themselves. Their support is much appreciated. I have had nothing but a positive experience living here.”

Charlie C. ~ Fort Lauderdale

"Safe, clean at home feeling while I grew stronger in my recovery. Strong sense of recovery and accountability and the house men (in house managers) are awesome, welcoming and compassionate. Unfortunately, this is not my first rodeo but this is the best halfway I've stayed in. "

Robert S. ~ Florida

“I’m a resident of Safe house SFL and have been there for over 1 year and have been very happy. All the houses feel like a family. It’s a great place and everyone is strong in their recovery. Its run professionally and they have compassion for their residents. They work with you to help you further your recovery program. God bless them!”

Kevin B. ~ Broward County

Trail in Woods

Your well-being is our priority. Join us to experience compassionate, safe, and affordable living that sets the stage for your brighter future.

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